Facebook’s News Feed Lifting!

Facebook announced some great News Feed updates!

The basic change is the content filtering that users will be offered in order to make their News Feed more like a “personalized newspaper” as Mark Zuckenberg called it.

The new News Feed will automatically categorize all content in the most relevant Feed (e.g Photos & Videos Feed, Music Feed, Feed Stories etc) and it will look the same across desktop and mobile.

Users will easily find the content that is most relevant, based on what their friends are sharing, filtered by what Facebook recognizes as the most engaging for them.


For Marketers a new period of challenges is rising!

Ads will be bigger and richer, photos will be larger and of higher quality and Brands’ content should be of the same quality as publishers.

This basically means that conceptual design along with creative copywriting will be the best solutions for Brands who want to see their engagement increasing.


One thing is for sure: One never gets bored when dealing with Social media!


Do you want to get the updated Facebook News Feed?

Follow the above link and press the green button!