Facebook VS YouTube for higher video engagement: and the winner is…

Very often official Pages want to post or share videos in Facebook, in order to communicate with the Brand’s fans. They can upload the video directly to Facebook or they can upload it first to YouTube and then Share it.
The question is which way ensures higher engagement and performs better. According to Socialbakers, top global social benchmarking & monitoring tool, while Facebook videos tend to get a few more comments, there’s not a lot of variation in likes or shares.
This recent research – based on a global sample from videos that have been uploaded from Jan. 22 to 27- showed that page users in the study linked to 3,684 YouTube videos, but only uploaded 458 videos directly to the social network.
Furthermore it revealed that the Facebook videos had a much higher average engagement rate than YouTube links (0.25 percent to 0.151 percent).
However the likes and shares on these posts were almost equal with Facebook videos getting a few more comments as someone would expect.
The bottom line is that it all comes down to what goals Brands are aiming to achieve. If it’s all about engagement, then maybe sharing it directly on Facebook is better. But when the Brands want to upload valuable content, that the subscribers may “search” to find, then YouTube is the king.