Monitoring – Tracking

god_sm04monitoringBy using “listening” technologies, we can talk better!

As the Social Media are rising, companies need to know what’s being said about their brand online.

Globe One Digital uses high-Technology tools like Radian6 , Raven and Sysomos to Track  Social Media Engagement and Monitor everything that is being commented about your Brand, Products, Services, even about your Competitors in real time.

Our intelligent monitoring technology enables us to listen to all the conversations that occur online, collect the information that is relevant to your Brand, predict trends and move on to Strategy Adjustments that will benefit your online reputation.

By listening to what people say, we can organize more effective strategies to enhance interaction with your consumers and increase ROI.

Globe One Digital, having a long Experience in monitoring/tracking services that can help you listen to your customers and respond to their needs, leads you to build strong, reliable relationships.

Apart from monitoring, we track all the conversions through Third Party Conversion Tracking Tools, the CPC of the campaigns, or any other changes being made, apart from the ones in the Social Media Networks, that might have side effects on your Company in order to continuously optimize the campaigns and carve  new Strategies.

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