Success Stories

god_seosuccessMany clients, many success stories

Our success stories demonstrate the quality of  our services.

SEO top 5 position for 200 keywords on Google,

for top luxury automotive brand

Working for one of the top luxury automotive brands, in less than one year we got a Top 5 Google Ranking for 200 keywords. Considering the ranking positions, the number of keywords, and the time we spent, this is an outstanding result in global marketing.

250% traffic increase for top European insurance company

Optimizing more than 40 pages of content in one week, for one of the top insurance companies in Europe, we achieved a 250%  traffic increase, after the launch of their new commercial site.

10 days, 120 SEO optimized destination pages for global travel agent

To succeed in handling 120 SEO optimized destination pages in 3 languages for one of the biggest global online travel agents, ten days was enough time.

Betting site

In 4 months time, managing one of the biggest  betting sites , from the  60th position we reached top 5 rankings in 12 countries for a betting site.

Global gaming site

It took us less than one year to grow 15 times higher search traffic and 12 times higher revenues for a global gaming site.

See why we generate significant sales and exposure for over 100 clients across more than 7 countries and 10 languages?

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