On Site SEO Analysis

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Globe One Digital, having a long experience in On Site SEO services,  has the potential to rank your website favorably in the most popular search engines!

Now, we can ensure a massive increase of your revenue, following the steps below:

After completing the technical analysis of your website, we check that it is completely accessible to  the search engines.

As Google SEO algorithms are constantly changing, we perform a Website Design Analysis in order to understand if your website is tuned according to the latest algorithms.

Then, we advise your web platform editors in order for them to make the necessary changes.

Content optimization

The content of the site is crucial for the new algorithms of Google such as the Panda Update and the Penguin Update. Just think about the fact that Google considers “Content to be the King”.

Globe One Digital Intelligent Performance Agency provides your business with the best content consultancy for the best optimization.

Part of our Strategy is to thoroughly analyze the content on your website and offer our suggestions when it comes to:

  • Adding extra content to improve text/html ratio
  • Editing the existing content OnSite
  • Including  the keywords we want to rank at the top results when it comes to content with a specific density and in a specific format (bold, H3 etc)

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