AdWords ServicesTogether, it΄s better!

Did you know it?

One great Google+ feature is that it allows you to connect your Google+ Business Page to your AdWords Campaigns and get significant results!

But this is nothing new for us!

For a long time now, Globe One Digital has been running projects for which we connect our clients’ Google+ pages to their Google AdWords accounts.

These actions have resulted in a great increase in our clients’ CTR, i.e. up to 5 – 10%.

How does this work?

This increase can be explained as following: the decisions users take are usually based on other people’s decisions / actions. Consequently, they click on our Ad or Website.  Moreover, by enabling the Social Extensions on an AdWords campaign, we can display all the “+1’s” our brand has received.

Speaking in terms of marketing, our ad being suggested by numerous users will probably receive a larger number of clicks.

Furthermore, the connected AdWords account will supplant competition  because consumers will see all the recommendations a company has received, whether they are looking at an ad, search result or page.


Now that you have seen how Google+ and AdWords can work together, choose our Social Media & PPC Marketing services and boost your sales!