god_gglPlusGet ready for the new giant in the social media!

The battle has just started… Google + has landed aiming to knock Facebook off its perch. Who will be the winner?

With more than 100 million users already, Google+ is considered to be one of the fastest growing social media networks, offering great potential to Businesses and Brands.

Although Facebook has obtained a huge head start in social, compared to Google+, the fact that the giant of Google is the driving force behind Google+  makes the competition strong!

Regardless of who will prevail, Google+ is the new big player offering your brand tremendous opportunities to stand out.

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Considering the amazing growth of Google+, making a Google+ page as soon as possible for your Company is a priority.

Globe One Digital, as a Leading Performance Agency in Social Media Marketing, understands that Google+ must be an Essential Element in Brand Communication and therefore provides an Efficient Strategy.

Since the birth of  Google+, in Globe One Digital  we have been creating  Business Pages  with great success, delivering the results that our clients  deserve.

Due to our long experience in other Social Media, we know exactly how to moderate a Google+ Business Page and how to perform  Hangouts successfully, since we have already carried out a significant number of them for our clients.

Moreover, we can combine your Google+ Business Page with Google AdWords Campaigns in order to increase your CTR rates from 5% to 10%.

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