Google Analytics

god_gglAnalyticsGet a bigger benefit.

You are somehow familiar  with the Google Analytics powerful tool.

But do you take full advantage of its features?

Globe One Digital, with a long experience in technology tools, can help you get the most out of Google Analytics.

Keeping Google Analytics at full speed with Globe One Digital, now you have the chance to improve your conversion rates.

We are one of the leading Google Analytics Certified Partner companies offering the following services:

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Real time – Standard and Custom Reporting features provide insights about how your KPIs progress every moment.

  • Content Analytics

Content data analysis gives you insights on the parts of your website that perform best, which pages are most important and others that need attention and improvement. These data provide us with actionable steps to create a more satisfying user experience for your visitors.

  • Social Analytics

Through Google Analytics you are able to value the performance of your social media marketing campaigns. Social sharing and votes from Google+ and other media are crucial for your SEO success and analyzing these data can give you insights about the ongoing performance and social interactions with your content.

  • Mobile Analytics

Going Mobile with your business is a definite trend that keeps growing. Google Analytics also helps you track your mobile campaign impact.

  • Advertising Analytics

Advertising campaigns performance and ROI are measured and tracked through Google Analytics tracking, monitoring and reporting platform. Learn how your search or display mobile and social ads perform and improve ROI with actionable data retrieval.

  • Conversion Analytics

Dive in to the conversion analysis data on your website, see how your customers interact with your content, what elements they respond positively to and what they do not like. Improving conversion rates and increasing ROI is what defines a successful business plan and project.

Choose Globe One Digital, the Professional in Google Analytics!

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