Google Certified Partners

god_ggl04PartnerWe have passed our exams!

GLOBE ONE DIGITAL has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing exams that meet all the Google AdWords Certification requirements.

In order for us to become certified, we have taken many Exams and have been trained by Google, therefore we possess a profound knowledge of Search Marketing.

We have a vast experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Policies and Strategies required in order to conduct  successful advertising through the Google network.

Furthermore, since 2003, we have implemented numerous Search & Digital Projects with great success obtaining a leading position in Europe.

Get the opportunity now!

Work with us to save money and gain extra performance of your investment and ROI.

The skills we have acquired

  • Managing Accounts
  • Managing Campaigns
  • Managing Ad Groups
  • Knowing AdWords target and placements
  • Understanding AdWords bidding and budgeting
  • Optimizing AdWords campaigns and Ad groups
  • Optimizing Websites and landing pages
  • Knowing the benefits of Google Search
  • Maintaining client relationship

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