Facebook Advertising

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A new field. Millions of players. Thousands of chances. We know. 

With over 900+ million active Facebook users, Facebook is one of the greatest platforms you can use to promote your business with ads and Sponsored Stories. Recently, it was named as the largest display ad serving platform in the US.

Since more and more companies are shifting their attention and budget to it, it seems that Facebook is much more than just another social networking tool.

Improve your brand’s  image now!

Globe One Digital can help you take advantage of the tremendous possibilities of  Facebook, providing complete optimization solutions.

Since 2006, we have been managing dozens of  Pages and Ads on Facebook with great success .

We offer several Facebook Advertising solutions to suit your exact campaign requirements and budget.

While Facebook is continuously evolving at a rapid rate, creating new features and opportunities, we always keep up with the changes in the platform to ensure success for our clients.

Keeping our Marketing services up to date, we meet your needs for an efficient marketing strategy.

Trust Globe One Digital  Performance Intelligence Agency  and increase your ROI now!

Our services

Globe One Digital provides you with a wide range of services:

  • Facebook Page Development
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Facebook Page Moderation
  • Facebook Page Monitoring & Reporting
  • Facebook Apps/Contests
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad  Creatives
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Business Page
  • Flexible Ads
  • Audience engagement

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