god_cro02usabilityWe see things from the user’s point of view

Web developers often get so accommodated with their web pages that they cannot distinguish crucial usability flaws.

In Globe One Digital, we always see a webpage from the user’s point of view.

Thus, we can have a first-hand experience in usability problems your webpage may suffer from and therefore we help you take the right action!

Making your site user-friendly

Tracking users’ behaviour while surfing your website, we are able to see exactly what they are looking for and whether they get confused during their navigation. Every movement, click, scrolling, typing, time on site e.t.c. is recorded and analyzed in order to detect usability problems.

When data is collected, we use our long experience to make the proper critical changes on your website, aiming at higher conversion rates.

Imagine the advantages you will get through such usability tests, along with the increase of traffic to your site

We see things from the user’s point of view

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